Success Story Season 1 Episode 29 – Because You Said So

Hello my amazing people, it’s been incredibly hard to juggle everything these past few days while I gave my medical school exams, but worry not, we’re here and we are going to help ourselves learn the first mindset shift to abundant thinking. 

Let’s get straight into it. 

Last week I shared my top three must-have mindset shifts for abundance and today we are going to focus on the first one. 

Mindset Shift # 1 – You already have everything you need and are ready to recognize and grasp opportunities to level up your own life and that of others even more. 

The biggest disservice you can do to yourself is stack up a bunch of evidence in your head supporting why you CAN’T do something. It’s like telling yourself you’re fighting a losing battle and then wondering why you can’t win. 

So here are, in no particular order, 3 practical steps you can take TODAY to start embodying this mindset shift. 

1. Find examples that question your scarcity-focused beliefs. 

You can almost always find people that made it and came from either the same circumstances or even worse ones than yours. That is your proof that it’s possible. If possible, talk to them, interact with them or their available content because you might find helpful tools rooted in their story that might resonate with you. 

2. Isolate and address your fears. Most of our actions unfortunately are fear-based. 

They are done in order to avoid pain rather than to attain happiness. There must a fear or a few of them holding you back. And until you are aware of what they are, it is very hard to anticipate your reactions to certain roadblocks and plan for them ahead. It is also harder to get started in the first place. You can’t treat something until you know what it is. 

What I like to do when I am trying to understand why my body and my mind are having such an anxious reaction to a scenario is to play the whole thing out in my head, step by step, and then notice which part gives me the most discomfort. Let’s take doing a talk for example, is it because I’m short on time? Is it the travelling? Is it preparing the content? Is it the research? Is it doing the public speaking itself? Or is the possibility of negative feedback? 

Once I know exactly what my monster under the bed is, I can start targeted therapy. And usually, as a general rule, the most effective way to stop fearing something, is to do it a couple of times. 

3. Give your brain positive evidence to stack up against the negative. 

The most powerful man on this planet isn’t the richest one, it’s the one who does what he promises himself he would. You can attend a million seminars, read all the books, and even take therapy for years, but none of it can ever compete with keeping promises you make to yourself. Your brain almost falls in love with you when you do. The respect, admiration, acceptance, and most importantly, the support it gives you then is unparalleled. You could have the whole world against you, but as long as your brain believes you can do it, you’re still in the game. 

So, make a reasonable promise to yourself and then simply keep it. It really is as simple as that. Now, notice that I used the word simple, not EASY. Because it’s probably the hardest skill for any one of us to cultivate. And it’s hard because it puts us against the one person we can never escape: ourselves. You can lie to the world about keeping up with a goal, but not to yourself. You really have to give it your all and then some more to earn your own respect. But once you do, there is nothing that can break your confidence.

Now go practice becoming the most formidable person to your brain. And remember, 

The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.” 

— Michelle Obama 

See you next week!

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